"New single coming out feb. 29th

It is finally here!  The NEW single "You're an angel to me" is coming out February 29th, 2020.  The anticipation is overwhelming.  Emails and messages from radio stations are coming in from all over the world in anticipation of this song.  The excitement is building and the day is almost here.  This song is the perfect wedding song.  Terry wrote this song over 8 years ago not knowing what he really had in this song.  He wrote it about couples that have issues in life but need to remember why god put them together.  There is always going to be good and bad times in relationships, you as a person need to remember why god put that other person in your life.  There is always a reason.  Love and not hate.  Get ready fans!!  TM  

"She Looks Good"

The single "She Looks Good" was released April 26, 2019 and is flying high right now, and has taken off in the Nashville scene as a Independent song.  It hit #9 on The BlackSheep Network in Nashville, TN and #2 in the UK on a Indiependent chart.  Terry has no label behind him, but that doesn't stop him from pushing through and trying to make a name for himself independently.  This song is making waves in Nashville, Chicago, Texas, and has reached over 29 different countries such as the UK, Austraila, Brazil, and Ireland.  She looks good is a feel good, driving down the road, and just plain feeling crazy kinda song for a women.

 If you would like to purchase my single just scroll down down my "Latest Track" and download it.  The song is .99 cents.  You can also download it on all music platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Apple music, Spotify, Pandora....  Follow me on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  Follow me, and lets take this journey together.  

Latest Track

CHECK OUT "SHE LOOKS GOOD"!!  "She Looks Good" has become a fast track to the top.  To purchase this song just click on the YOUR PRICE.  Thank you all for your support.    

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