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One more look at upcoming Shows

Terry's Acoustic Shows are by far one the best shows in the Midwest.  You get a Power House voice and the best entertainment there is.   You can't go wrong when booking Terry.  If you want Terry's Acoustic Show to come to your home town or city, then contact Topshelf Entertainment on the Contact/Booking tab at the top of the page.  Don't miss your chance to see him live!

Date Event Location
Private Event (Silverado Show) TBA TBA
The Rusty Nail (Acoustic Show) Battle Lake, MN Battle Lake, MN
Pub West (Acoustic Show) West Fargo, ND West Fargo, ND
Rolling Forks Vineyard (Acoustic Show) Glenwood, MN Glenwood, MN
Private Event (Ultimate DJ) Waubun, MN Waubun, MN
Private Event (Ultimate DJ) Barnesville, MN Barnesville, MN
Street Dance (Silverado Show) Gary, MN Gary, MN
Private Event (Silverado Show) Hatton, ND Hatton, ND
All School Reunion (Naastad Acres) Hatton, ND Hatton, ND
Rolling Forks Vineyard (Acoustic Show) Glenwood, MN Glenwood, MN
Street Dance (Silverado Show) Dumont, MN Dumont, MN
Private Event (Silverado Show) Plummer, MN Plummer, MN
Street Dance (Silverado Show) Michigan, ND Michigan, ND
Private Event (Ultimate DJ) Bismarck, ND Bismarck, ND
The Lean To Tavern (Brady's Ride) Bejou, MN Bejou, MN
Street Dance (Silverado Show) Winger, MN Winger, MN
Private Event (Ultimate DJ) Fargo, ND Fargo, ND
Private Event (Ultimate DJ) Walker, MN Walker, MN
Legion Memorial (Acoustic Show) Hankinson, ND Hankinson, ND
Private Event (Ultimate DJ) Ottertail, MN Ottertail, MN